3D-Micromac AG announces formation of 3D-Micromac America, LLC and enlists laser industry veteran to run U.S. operations

SAN JOSE, CA. JULY 1, 2014 / Business Wire

BrianHoekstra3D-Micromac AG, a leading supplier of state-of-the-art laser micromachining workstations, has recently established 3D-Micromac America, LLC (“3D-Micromac America”) and opened a new office in San Jose, California to better serve the North American market. Brian Hoekstra, a laser industry veteran, will lead the newly formed company.

3D-Micromac America will actively promote and support world-class precision, laser-based micromachining systems developed and manufactured in Germany by 3D-Micromac AG. These state-of-the-art laser systems are designed to tackle a number of challenging applications for manufacturing of medical devices, processing of semiconductors and photovoltaics, and for production of flexible electronic components. “Quite simply, 3D-Micromac offers exactly what the industry needs right now – reliable, high precision standard industrial workstations. All systems can be tailored to a customer’s specific process needs”, said Brian Hoekstra, President of 3D-Micromac America.

Prior to joining 3D-Micromac America, Brian Hoekstra was a laser industry consultant and served as the CEO of Applied Photonics, Inc where he pioneered laser glass cutting and marking for the LCD industry and developed some of the key touch screen innovations that enabled the smart phone and smart tablet revolution. Prior to founding Applied Photonics, Mr. Hoekstra held key positions at NASA where he led space-based crystal growth projects and the USAF Materials Laboratory where he performed laser research on a variety of electronic and optical materials.

Tino Petsch, CEO of 3D-Micromac AG stated, “We are pleased to have Mr. Hoekstra on board since he brings 30 years of professional experience in the laser equipment and technology business. Since his experience directly relates to our current business model, we expect to gain immediate momentum in the U.S. market which should help contribute to our continued growth.”

About 3D-Micromac AG

3D-Micromac AG has become one of the leading suppliers of highly efficient laser micromachining systems along with innovative coating and printing technologies on the international market since its foundation in 2002.
Stand-alone systems as well as entire production lines can be offered and are used, for example, in medical technology, the processing of semiconductors, in photovoltaics or the production of flexible electronic components. 3D-Micromac can also be your competent partner for the development of new technologies and processes or customized systems.

About 3D-Micromac America, LLC

3D-Micromac America, LLC is a subsidiary of 3D-Micromac AG, a leading supplier of highly efficient laser micromachining systems for manufacturing of medical devices, processing of semiconductors and photovoltaics, and for production of flexible electronic components.
For more information, visit the company’s website at http://3d-micromac.us/ or contact us below.

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