3D-Micromac enables high-performance and cost-effective dicing of SiC wafers

Product launch of microDICE™ laser dicing system using TLS-Dicing™ technology (Thermal-Laser-Separation) at Semicon West 2014

San Francisco, CA. – July 7, 2014

SiC wafer: die free of chipping, backside-metal separated

SiC wafer: die free of chipping, backside-metal separated

3D-Micromac AG, a leading supplier of state-of-the-art laser micromachining workstations, today introduced the microDICE™ system which brings TLS-Dicing™ technology (Thermal-Laser-Separation) to semiconductor‘s back-end. The microDICE™ separates wafers, including SiC, into dies with an outstanding edge quality while increasing the yield and the throughput.

Due to the contactless laser machining method, there is no tool wear and no expensive consumables required. This results in excellent cost of ownership during the whole life-time of the dicing system.

Compared to traditional separation technologies microDICE™ provides a much higher process speed and better throughput enabling high-volume production of SiC based devices.

microDICE™ drives radical changes to increase performance and capabilities in manufacturing of SiC based Power Devices for LED or 3D MEMS applications.

Background information on thermal laser beam separation (TLS-Dicing™)

TLS-Dicing™ (thermal laser beam separation) is used in the semiconductor industry’s back-end to separate semiconductor wafer in components. A laser heats up the material locally and a cooling medium cools it down immediately afterwards. The thermally induced mechanical stress leads to a complete cleaving of the wafer.

The method is suitable for most brittle materials in the semiconductor industry, including Si, SiC, Ge and GaAs wafers. Compared to traditional separation technologies, TLS-Dicing™ impresses with clean, micro-crack-free edges and greater resulting bending strength. Process speeds of 200 mm/s to 300 mm/s are possible and generally lead to a multiplication of throughput. The high throughput and wear-free processing offer great potential for reducing production costs and cost of ownership.

For more information, visit: http://tls-dicing.com

About 3D-Micromac AG

3D-Micromac AG has become one of the leading suppliers of highly efficient laser micromachining systems along with innovative coating and printing technologies on the international market since its foundation in 2002.

Stand-alone systems as well as entire production lines can be offered and are used, for example, in medical technology, the processing of semiconductors, in photovoltaics or the production of flexible electronic components. 3D-Micromac can also be your competent partner for the development of new technologies and processes or customized systems.

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