Our corporate culture at 3D-Micromac AG



A structured introduction to the workplace and our mentor program quickly help you feel at home in our company. New employees are fully integrated into existing work teams and quickly feel welcome here.

What we all have in common is that we can always depend on one another. Our day-to-day work involves the use of set and dynamically organized teams and project groups.



Our employees work in responsible and challenging positions with long-term prospects in an ambitious, medium-sized company. Right from the start each employee assumes responsibility for his or her own area of work, while giving ample attention to any interconnected, overarching issues.

Each position in the company demands a strong focus on realization. Any ideas and solutions you can offer are most welcome and highly valued.

Work atmosphere


The sincere and fair way we treat one another and the regular team and employee events establish a beneficial work environment. At 3D-Micromac we put into practice a cooperative style of management and a system of regular mutual feedback. With our open corporate culture we establish a work atmosphere in which our employees feel comfortable.

Our strong sense of quality, which is always paramount to our work, is what allows us to produce such high-grade products. For the sake of our customers we always strive for the best possible results. We tackle new challenges with expertise and a solution and goal-oriented approach.



Our corporate processes are designed flexibly, so we can respond to rapid change in the market promptly and with assurance. Flat hierarchies and flexible structures mean that our employees can work efficiently.

For us it is important to recognize and promote our employees’ potential. With our fair and performance-based compensation, our goal-setting systems and our variable compensation components, performance pays.

Professional development

Work-life balance

Individualized training prepares our employees to assume responsibility for new and challenging tasks in our company. Our trainees and student employees gather important experience here for their future careers.

We offer our employees flexible work models, work-time accounts, a fair system for business trips, and vacation time entitlements that exceed statutory requirements. Individualized work conditions are discussed already during the job interview and we’ll be happy to offer you support for your move or for organizing child care services.