Our Service

Our Strength: Reliable and Fast Service Worldwide

Good service means being in good hands especially when it comes to production systems running 24/7. At 3D-Micromac we provide this peace of mind. Our qualified service team is available around the clock and worldwide offering fast and reliable service.

As trusting and cooperative partners, our experts provide technological solutions from the initial idea to series production.

In the application laboratory, we model every step of process-and-technology development, offering immediate support to our customers from pre-testing feasibility and prototype-and-functional prototype development, to mini-series. We provide advice during the process development-and-optimization, and together with our customers, find the most economic production solution.

Along with delivery, assembly and commissioning, we offer user training as well as custom-tailored maintenance and service contracts. Reliability and competence are our strengths. We remain the point of contact for our customers across the entire life cycle of the system.