Process Development

Your application is in good hands

Our experts develop and optimize technological solutions from the first idea to maturity for serial production in our own application lab. Thereby, special emphasis is put on a close co-operation with the customer from the very beginning.

Our application offers

All stages of the process and technology development, from preliminary tests to feasibility and the development of (functional) prototypes to low level production are undertaken in our application lab. We determine and test suitable components for your process for which we have a number of different laser sources (ns, ps and fs laser) at hand. We consult you in terms of process development and optimization and develop the most economical production concept, adapted to your requirements.

After the start-up of the machine, we support you together with our customer service in the optimization of the process. On request, we demonstrate the software and hardware of the various machines and provide operator trainings for the systems.

Equipment in the application lab

Our lab is equipped with different turnkey systems of 3D-Micromac and a vast number of laser beam sources (solid state, excimer and CO2 laser) of all the leading laser manufacturers in the area of short pulse and ultra short pulse lasers. Depending on the defined task, different scan systems or fixed optics as well as automatic picture recognition systems are used for the process development.

We have various microscopes (optical and laser scanning) at our disposal on site for an analysis of the machining results. Furthermore, electron microscopes (SEM) are available as well as tactile methods (DEKTAK) for a surface analysis in the sub-micron range. Our entire lab is in an ISO class 7 clean room, which can also be operated as ISO class 6.


A team of experienced application engineers work in the laser lab.

Areas of application

We work on tasks from different fields of micro material processing and it is our daily business to think through new, convincing ideas.