Laser Processing System for AR Eyepiece and Waveguide Cutting

3D-Micromac’s brand-new microPOLAR uses an innovative laser glass-cutting process that was specially designed to process high-index glasses and other transparent crystalline materials. Therefore, it is ideal for wafer-based separation and singulation of augmented reality (AR) eyepieces and waveguides.

The fully integrated microPOLAR laser system is characterized by its compact footprint and high variability. It is in-field-upgradable, thus fitting R&D purposes, as well as enabling mass production with high yield.

The microPOLAR enables the separation and cutting of AR waveguides and eyepieces with the highest bending strength after the singulation of the glasses.  This ensures the cost-effective production of AR waveguides and eyepieces – while staying flexible in regard to lot sizes and shapes.

Learn more about microPOLAR and download our whitepaper on AR waveguide and eyepiece cutting for free!


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