Industrial Laser System for all Micromachining Applications

3D-Micromac‘s microPRO is an adaptable laser micromachining system mainly used in industrial production. Its high versatility makes the system perfectly suited for industrial laser micromachining tasks such as laser structuring, cutting, and drilling applications. Furthermore, it is suitable for a variety of materials, e.g. metals, alloys, transparent and biological subtrates, ceramics, and thin-film compound systems. The microPRO is available with an automatic handling system for wafers, cassettes, trays, etc

Configuration packages

The microPRO enables the laser processing of various substrates. Due to the integration of different technology modules, the platform can be adapted to customers’ requirements.

Configuration packages may include:

  • High-speed cutting
  • Drilling
  • Engraving
  • Structuring and modification
  • Laser-Lift-Off (LLO)
  • Cylindrical machining
  • Customized solutions


Please contact our technical sales team for more information.

Frank Richter
Tel: +49 371 40043-222

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