Scalable Manufacturing System for Cost-efficient μLED Transfer

3D-Micromac’s brand new microCETI™ platform serves production-related laser machining in the process chain for the manufacturing of microLED displays. This includes laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT), laser lift-off (LLO), and single die repair (REPAIR).

For the first time, the microCETI™ platform enables the transfer of hundreds of millions of microLEDs without having to apply mechanical forces. The on-the-fly square-beam application enables almost any shape and size of microLED to be transferred.

There are different technology modules available for

  • Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT): one of a kind laser transfer process for almost every microLED material and shape
  • Laser Lift-Off (LLO): on-the-fly Laser lift-off suitable for customer related microLED material
  • REPAIR: Single DIE repair process at every step of the microLED production route

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Markus Müller
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