microVEGA™ xMR

Selective Laser Annealing for Monolithic Magnetic Sensors

Laser Focus World Innovation Award

In 2022 microVEGA xMR received the Laser Focus World Innovation Award

The microVEGA xMR system provides high-throughput laser annealing for monolithic magnetic sensor formation. A highly flexible tool configuration, the microVEGA xMR can accommodate both Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) and Tunnel Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensors, as well as easily adjust magnetic orientation, sensor position and sensor dimension—making it an ideal solution for magnetic sensor production.

The microVEGA xMR uses on-the-fly spot and variable laser energy to provide selective heating of the pinning layer in each sensor in order to “imprint” the intended magnetic orientation. Magnetic field strength and orientation is adjustable by recipe, while high-temperature gradients ensure low thermal impact. This allows sensors to be processed directly next to read-out electronics as well as closer together, and enables the production of smaller sensors—freeing up space for processing more devices per wafer.

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