Laser Structuring and Selective Ablation

Lasers are, based on the outstanding ability to narrowly focus them, capable of extremely precisely and even selectively ablate materials from metals, ceramics, polymers or multilayer stacks.

Laser machining offers a unique and digital option to achieve maximum quality and precision whilst guaranteeing highest efficiency and throughput. Selective as well as contactless material ablation are very important for defined processes.

Machining in this range is preferably done with short pulsed or ultra short pulsed lasers. A prerequisite for the effective implementation of laser structuring is the use of a laser source with optimal beam quality at very high output powers and pulse repetition rates. These laser sources allow for the generation of smallest possible micro patterns in the range of a few micrometers, the fabrication of 3D objects, and the selective ablation of functional layers and coatings.

These technologies are utilized in different fields of application, such as:

  • surface modification in medical device technology and microfluidics
  • scribing and patterning in semiconductor and photovoltaics industry
  • removal of layers and coatings, e.g. ITO/TCO, on flexible electronic components including LED, µLED and OLED technologies,
  • 2D or 3D structuring, and
  • laser micro engravings.


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Laser Structuring in Photovoltaics

The utilization of lasers in manufacturing of solar cells guarantees high efficiency and throughput at best attainable precision and minor material damage. Particular advantages of laser machining consist in contactless energy insertion, the capability of flexible beam guidance, and the exact control over supply of energy. Damage to the material is avoided that way as well as failure rates are minimized.