Laser Sample Preparation

There is an increasing demand for preparation techniques tuned to manifold methods of microstructure diagnostics that need to be fast, reliable, cost effective, artifact-free, and targeted. Besides traditional mechanical sample preparation, focused-ion-beam micromachining is currently dominating the field. While the former is accompanied by high costs for skilled personnel, the latter is characterized by very high costs of ownership.

Laser-based sample preparation represents a very valuable alternative approach. Based on patented processes, the microPREP PRO is ready to prepare samples for TEM, X-SEM, APT, and micromechanical testing in an almost entirely automated fashion. Making use of a rugged pulsed laser source, the process is characterized by very low running costs, suitability for semiconductors, metals, ceramics, as well as compounds thereof, and a very high targeted precision on the micron scale.


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Sample Preparation Workflows