3D-Micromac – Micromachining Excellence

Our Demand: Setting Worldwide Standards in Laser Micromachining

3D-Micromac is the leading specialist in laser micromachining. Our team of experts develop processes, machinery and complete systems at the highest technical and technological level. 3D-Micromac systems have been successfully implemented in various high-tech industries worldwide including photovoltaic, semiconductor, glass and display industries, micro diagnostics, and medical technology. Our target is to completely satisfy customer demands even on the most complex projects.

3D-Micromac adheres to high-performance and future-oriented processes at high production efficiency. Our technologies have set international standards for true innovation. Since we place great importance on continually expanding our know-how, we are diligent about keeping up with the latest research. On a daily basis, we combine recent results with our customers’ demands to realize them in practice.

Milestones in 3D-Micromac’s History

3D-Micromac AG  was founded in 2002 in Chemnitz by Tino Petsch with a total of six employees. The company has grown since then to more than 190 employees today.

In its strategic alignment 3D-Micromac concentrates particularly on international and high-growth, high-tech markets. We are one of the first companies in the world to focus on the use of ultra-short pulse lasers for the processing of materials. We also specialize in the use of excimer lasers for microprocessing. More than 100 excimer laser systems produced by 3D-Micromac AG are currently in industrial use.

From the founding of our company until today we have constantly been able to achieve important milestones:

  • 2017: New company headquarter
  • 2016: Founding of 3D-Micromac Laser Technology Co., Ltd. in China
  • 2015: Solar Industry Award in the category of «PV Tool»
  • 2014: Founding of 3D-Micromac America, LLC, technology acquisition for Thermal Laser Separation (TLS-Dicing™), and successful market launch of production systems for Laser Contact Opening
  • 2013: Strategic realignment focusing on industrial growth markets
  • 2012: Tino Petsch is honored as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ in Saxony and opening of the microFLEX Center company building
  • 2011: Winner of the «SPIE Green Photonics Award» and Taiwan Laser Application Excellence Award
  • 2010: Successful market launch of production systems for the manufacturing of nozzles via excimer-laser
  • 2009: Opening of the company headquarters at the Chemnitz Technology Campus
  • 2007: Winner of the Saxon Innovation Prize
  • 2004: Development of industrial-suited excimer-laser system for marking of ophthalmic lenses
  • 2003: Market launch of the world’s first commercial laser system utilizing ultra-short pulse laser
  • 2002: Founding of 3D-Micromac AG

In a period of 10 years 3D-Micromac AG has carved out a strong position for itself among manufacturers of laser micro-processing systems. With that we have established a strong foundation for dynamic growth in international markets.

Statue “Die Träumende” – price for entrepreneur of the year

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