3D-Micromac AG Whistleblower system

3D-Micromac AG is committed to compliance with ethical and legal standards. Our actions are characterized by integrity, mutual respect, and fair behavior within our company and towards our business partners and society in general.

Are you aware of or do you suspect ethical or legal infringement at 3D-Micromac AG? Then please inform our internal reporting center. This action will protect and support us all. We will treat your data confidentially, and you can remain anonymous if you wish. We will investigate all reports carefully and responsibly.

3D-Micromac AG has commissioned the law firm Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek to receive reports and handle the initial communication with whistleblowers.

Whistleblowers can send their reports in person, by telephone, by letter, or by e-mail to

Dr. André-M. Szesny, LL.M. (Attorney at law)
Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek Partnerschaftsgesellschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB
Georg-Glock-Strasse 4
D-40474 Düsseldorf
Tel.:+49 (0)211 60055-217
E-Mail: 3dmicromac(at)heuking(dot)de

Describe the facts of the case as precisely as possible, name the company involved, the people involved, the time and place of the incident, and provide the names of any witnesses. If available, please also send documents, such as pictures, e-mails, etc., that support the suspicion.