Highest Precision with Laser Micromachining

The progressive miniaturization in electronics, semiconductor processing and manufacturing of medical instruments is characterised by smaller and smaller structures as well as the demand for highest precision in terms of surface quality, absence of burr, and materials residues. While established fabrication technologies increasingly face their limits, laser micromachining provides optimum preconditions for the required quality and precision since machining is accomplished in a contactless fashion and the extent of the heat-affected zone is very small.

Important application areas lie within the ambit of the laser micro drilling, laser fine cutting, laser micro structuring and the laser micro engraving. Moreover, innovative laser separation processes such as TLS-Dicing or laser ablation processes for the manufacturing of cylindrical holes, undercut geometries or molds are finding their way into the industrial production.

Advantages of Laser Micro Machining

  • Easy capability of being automated
  • Straightforward process monitoring
  • Forceless and contactless machining
  • Minor heat-affected zone
  • Marginal modifications to the microstructure
  • Machining free of burr and bulging
  • High flexibility regarding design of tiny structures
  • High machining speed
  • High precision
  • Constant machining quality
  • No additional tooling costs by wear

In order to use the advantages of the laser processing optimal, efficient and forward-looking processes with greatest production efficiency are the key to the success. That´s why we offer our customers qualitatively, high end, reliable and customer friendly machines for all applications of the laser micromachining to help increase the production efficiency of our customers to optimize procedures and reduce costs.