3D-Micromac Receives Laser-Trimming-System Order from Infineon for News Dresden Smart Power Fab

Laser micromachining expert exclusively supplies Infineon Dresden with the microVEGA FC laser-trimming-system

Chemnitz, Germany, July 28, 2024— 3D-Micromac AG, the leading provider of laser micromachining and roll-to-roll laser systems for the semiconductor, photovoltaics, glass, and display industries, announced that Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH & Co. KG has ordered one of 3D-Micromac’s first microVEGA™ FC laser-trimming-systems for Infineon’s new Smart Power Fab in Dresden, Germany. Designed specifically for Infineon, 3D-Micromac is the exclusive supplier of the microVEGA FC laser-trimming system to Infineon Dresden, who is utilizing this advanced technology for its semiconductor laser-trimming applications for the new Smart Power Fab.

The order was preceded by a joint development project in which 3D-Micromac’s laser-trimming process was transferred into a mass-production-capable laser system. The basis for the new solution was the microVEGA system – a system that has already been utilized successfully to process up to 12-inch semiconductor wafers in several industrial use cases.

The laser beam of the microVEGA FC is shaped in the single-digit micrometer range and moves continuously over semiconductor chips. During this motion, the laser selectively processes defined microstructures of several dies. This trimming process adjusts the resistance value in individual IC chips to a target value. The small size of the dies’ structures (approximately 1-2 µm) and the resulting extremely high demands on the three-dimensional positioning accuracy of the laser spot in relation to the structures place the highest demands on the machine hardware. The microVEGA FC includes an integrated measuring technology to achieve 100 percent process control, overcoming a particular challenge in semiconductor lase-trimming applications. The microVEGA FC system, developed by 3D-Micromac, features fully automatic handling for 8- and 12-inch wafers. At process speeds of up to 400 mm/s, the system achieves a positioning accuracy of ±200 nm (at Sigma 3).

Infineon plans to begin manufacturing analog/mixed-signal technologies and power semiconductors in Dresden’s Smart Power Fab in the fall of 2026. The interaction of power semiconductors and analog/mixed-signal components enables particularly energy-efficient and intelligent system solutions commonly used in power supply systems, such as energy-efficient chargers, smaller engine control units for cars, data centers, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Infineon has decided to work with 3D-Micromac to adopt advanced European production technology. Raik Brettschneider, managing director of Infineon Dresden, states, “3D-Micromac’s experience and innovative strength, as well as the close exchange between the specialists of both companies, led to the joint development project’s success. Together, we have paved the way for the microVEGA FC and its future use in Infineon’s production chain. We are content that we can now order the first 3D-Micromac system.” Both companies share a goal of installing 3D-Micromac AG’s laser-trimming-systems at more of Infineon’s production sites. “We are pleased that Infineon decided to go with 3D-Micromac as their supplier for laser-trimming technologies,” Uwe Wagner, CEO of 3D-Micromac AG, concludes. “We are proud to support the European Commission’s goal of increasing the European share of semiconductor production and helping to secure value chains in key European countries.”


The microCELL MCS for cutting solar cells


Illustration of the laser-trimming process

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