3D-Micromac introduces microMARK MCF RXe 200, a system solution for laser marking of ophthalmic glasses

3D-Micromac AG, the industry leader in laser micromachining and ophthalmic engraving solutions, introduces the new laser system solution microMARK MCF RXe 200 for marking of blocked lenses.

3D-Micromac‘s microMARK MCF RXe200 is a premium quality marking device for all kinds of blocked lenses. Equipped with an Excimer laser including an optimized optical components setup and a large-sized magnification ratio this new generation of RX marking devices offers an increased depth of focus at lowest laser power operation on all materials.

The new system is the ideal solution for semi-visible marking of spectacle lenses. Branding functionality for unblocked lenses and a full automated handling system are available on request. Customers benefit from low investment and operating cost in combination with unmatched engraving quality on any available material.

This new generation of excimer laser systems was developed by Angermann Systems in cooperation with 3D-Micromac. The microMARK MCF RXe 200 systems are available immediately with short term delivery times and world wide professional service.

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microMARK MCF RXe200 for marking of blocked lenses

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