DMP Machine Series

3D Printing Systems for Industrial Production of Micro Metal Parts

The DMP machine solutions are designed for flexible series production of complex metal components using micro laser sintering. The DMP machine series is the perfect solution to achieve superior detail resolution, highest surface quality, unrivalled accuracy, and very high part density. It offers high flexibility, low operating costs and user-friendliness.

The system includes a zero-point clamping system for easy post-processing at the highest accuracy-level and inert gas atmosphere including gas purifying based on industry standards. The DMP systems are able to process nonreactive and reactive materials, e.g. stainless steel, molybdenum, tungsten, titanium, and gold.

The Micro Laser Sintering technology has been developed and is continuously improved by 3D MicroPrint GmbH.


Please contact our technical sales team for more information.

Maximilian Genz
Tel: +49 371 40043-222

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