microVEGA™ XMR Laser annealing system from 3D-Micromac honored with 2022 Laser Focus World Innovators Award

The microVEGA™ xMR provides high-throughput laser annealing for monolithic magnetic sensor formation

Chemnitz, Germany, August 19, 2022—3D-Micromac AG, the industry leader in laser micromachining and roll-to-roll laser systems for the semiconductor, photovoltaic (PV), medical device and electronics markets, announced today that its microVEGA xMR laser-based annealing system was recognized among the best by the 2022 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the optics and photonics community recognized 3D-Micromac as a Gold honoree.

“On behalf of the Laser Focus World Innovators Awards, I would like to congratulate
3D-Micromac on their Gold level honoree status,” said Laser Focus World Editor-in-Chief Peter Fretty. “This competitive program allows Laser Focus World to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products impacting the photonics community this year.”

The microVEGA xMR system provides high-throughput laser annealing for monolithic magnetic sensor formation, offering numerous advantages over thermal annealing processes. Thanks to its highly flexible tool configuration, the microVEGA xMR can accommodate both Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) and Tunnel Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensors. It simplifies the pinning for monolithically integrated sensor chips to an easily adjustable one-step-process — making it an ideal production solution in terms of cost, throughput, yield and sensitivity.

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Founded in 2002, 3D-Micromac AG is the industry leader in laser micromachining, delivering powerful, user-friendly and leading-edge processes with superior production efficiency. We develop processes, machines and turnkey solutions at the highest technical and technological level. 3D-Micromac systems and services have been successfully implemented in various high-tech industries worldwide including photovoltaic, semiconductor, glass and display industries, micro diagnostics, and medical technology.

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Laser Focus World Innovation Award

3D-Micromac’s microVEGA xMR