Webinar: No Need for Plan B: Cut Your PV Cells with TLS

📈 Are you looking for a way to increase your PV modules’ output?
🔗 Do you want to keep recombination losses at a minimum?
🦾 Do you need PV cells with the highest mechanical strength available on the market?

Then you should consider cutting your PV cells with TLS (Thermal Laser Separation). Learn all about TLS cutting of PV cells in our webinar.

In this webinar you will find out:

  • How cutting with TLS is working
  • About the differences between TLS and scribe-and-break-laser-cutting
  • How TLS cutting can boost your module power for up to 2 Watts
  • Whether TLS cut cells are suitable for edge passivation technique
  • About the safest and easiest way to try PV cell cutting with TLS

In addition, we will give you hands-on advice for your make-or-buy decision regarding TLS cutting of your PV cells.

Join this webinar if:
✔ Your company is engaged in PV module production or PV cell production
✔ You already fancied using TLS cutting technology for your production
✔ You want to minimize cell cutting waste in your production
✔ You are unsure if TLS cell cutting can compete with Laser-Scribe-and-Break Solutions

You can now watch this webinar online anytime.

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