Workshop: Micromachining Without Limits with microPREP™ PRO’s Custom Shape Process

Do you know microPREP PRO’s Custom Shape Process?

This process allows ablating almost any given shape from your sample with only a few clicks.

And do you know that this Custom Shape Process can be combined with a number of different laser parameters?

This allows any microPREP PRO user to ablate their specimens very selectively – layer by layer.

In this workshop we will show you:

  • How to work with microPREP PRO’s Custom Shape Process
  • How to selectively ablate with microPREP PRO
  • How stacks made of different materials (e.g. RAM or SSD modules) can be opened with microPREP PRO

You should definitely watch this workshop if:

  • You are already working with microPREP PRO and want to make sure you make the best out of all the given possibilities
  • You are still unsure if a microPREP PRO could facilitate your workflows

This workshop is now available for watching on demand.

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