Rendering of the microPREP PRO FEMTO system

3D-Micromac Shortens Atom Probe Tomography Sample Preparation Time from Hours to Minutes with New Laser Micromachining System

The new microPREP™ PRO FEMTO laser micromachining system enables micrometer-precision material removal at higher speeds versus FIB milling.

3D-Micromac and SCHOTT join forces to improve yield and cost of production of augmented reality waveguides

Prepared Chip hold on a tweezer

Webinar: Laser Micromachining Mythbusting

Watch this webinar to get common laser micromachining myths right and find out what are the advantages and limits of laser micromachining.

R2R Laser Scribing of Flexible CIGS Solar Cells

This webinar gives you insights in roll-to-roll (R2R) laser processing of flexible CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) solar cells. Register now for free!

microPREP PRO laser preparation system

Sample Preparation Utilising Laser Micromachining and Ultra-short-pulsed Laser Sources

This webinar will show you how laser technology can facilitate your daily lab business with our laser-based sample preparation system microPREP™ PRO.

Engineer working on laser machine

Laser Micromachining – Basics | Applications | Production

This free webinar will give you insights on the basics of laser technology in general as well as laser micromachining as one special application.