3D-Micromac introduces all-new system for high-throughput microdiagnostic sample preparation at Laser World of Photonics

Laser micromachining system microPREP™ opens up new vistas for targeted and high-throughput methods of microstructure diagnostics


Microstructure diagnostics and failure analyses are pivotal for the ongoing improvement of functional materials and sophisticated components. Although lasers are well established tools and probes in manifold applications, they got broadly neglected for sample preparation due to apprehensions regarding structural damage. Using ultrashort pulses and optimized processing routes, the latter concerns can be dispelled and laser processing is entering the scene, speeding up processes and opening up access to deeply buried structures and large-area preparation.

3D-Micromac AG, the industry leader in laser micromachining, is going to introduce a novel laser system for high-throughput microdiagnostic sample preparation at Laser 2015. The all-new microPREP™ system was developed to provide efficient laser micromachining fitted to the needs of microstructure diagnostics and failure diagnostics. Based on patented processing, microPREP™ is ready to do the laser cutting of a base structure followed by local laser thinning in an almost entirely automated fashion. Making use of a rugged pulsed laser source, the process is characterized by very low running costs, suitability for semiconductors, metals, ceramics, as well as compounds thereof, and a very high targeted precision on the micron scale.

The highly specialized system features an intuitive and user-friendly software control system with touchscreen operation. The custom-made work piece fixture unit combined with axis system and its kinematics ensures that the sample can be processed with high precision.

microPREP™ is not just a tool to prepare samples for transmission electron microscopy but will come with options for atom-probe microscopy, tomography, transmission Kikuchi diffraction, and micromechanical testing. The modular stage and software design will allow to meet the growing requirements of clients and the market.

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