microPRO™ RTP

Selective Laser Annealing System for Semiconductor Applications

Combining a state-of-the-art laser optic module with 3D-Micromac’s highly modular semiconductor machine platform, the microPRO™ RTP provides selective annealing with high repeatability and high throughput. The system features a line scan option for vertical selective annealing and a step-and-repeat spot option for horizontal selective annealing, as well as three optional wavelength lasers (near infrared, green and ultraviolet), resulting in a highly flexible, high-quality laser annealing platform.

The microPRO™ RTP can address a wide variety of existing and emerging applications, including:

  • Ohmic contact formation in silicon carbide (SiC) power devices to improve resistance
  • Dopant activation for insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) and backside illuminated (BSI) CMOS image sensors
  • The manufacture of certain types of MEMS devices such as semiconductor magnetic field sensors

microPRO™ RTP offers:

  • High precision in both X and Y directions
  • Excellent selectivity for different sensor types
  • Multiple options for pulse energy and exposure area geometry
  • Free programable magnetic field strength and orientation
  • Very high energy homogeneity
  • Integrated process monitoring

microPRO™ RTP – System Configuration

The microPRO™ RTP standard system configuration consists of:

  • Laser module
  • Alignment system
  • Integrated process monitor
  • Heated chuck
  • Magnet unit

Available options:

  • Fully automated cassette wafer handling (open, FOUP)
  • Wafer pre-aligner
  • ID Reader for wafer and/or cassette
  • SECS/GEM interface
  • Filter fan unit

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