High-Throughput Laser Based Microdiagnostics Sample Preparation

The all-new microPREP™ is the first instrument to enable fast, clean, and efficient laser ablation available for the preparation of samples for microstructure diagnostics and failure analysis.

microPREP™ provides key benefits of micromachining using ultrashort pulsed lasers, particularly low structural damage, high power densities and targeted precision on the micron scale.

microPREP™ 1.1  is suited for TEM, X-SEM, and micromechanical testing in semiconductors, metals, ceramics, as well as compounds.

microPREP™ 2.0 enables high-volume sample preparation of metals, semiconductors, ceramics, and compound materials for microstructure diagnostics and failure analysis. The system can be used for a variety of semiconductor sample preparation applications, including in-plane geometries and bulk samples, cross-sections, box milling for diagnostics of electrical connections and 3D chip-level structures, and full line cuts for complex investigations of complete devices.

microPREP™ 2.0 complements existing approaches to sample preparation such as FIB processing and is suited for SEM inspection of  avanced packaging devices, X-ray microscopy, atom probe tomography, and micro mechanical testing.

Highlights of microPREP™ 1.1

  • Shorter time to sample: up to 10 000 times faster than FIB
  • Analysis-adopted sample geometry
  • Minimized risk of sample loss
  • Recipe-driven GUI for sample geometries and materials
  • Reduced FIB capacity requirements
  • Enhanced efficiency of existing (TEM) analysis tools
  • Custom recipes and fixtures on request
  • Meets the essential requirements of the SEMI S2/S8

Highlights of microPREP™ 2.0

  • Shorter time to sample: up to 10 000 times faster than FIB
  • Up to an order of magnitude lower CoO
  • High degree of automation due to recipe-based, ergonomic user interface
  • Virtually no structural damage and no elemental contamination by ps laser processing
  • Providing larger-sized samples with micron-level precision
  • Enables the creation of samples with complicated/3D shapes (TSVs, SiP)
  • Meets the essential requirements of the SEMI S2/S8

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